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The 9th International Convention of SPIC MACAY (May 20-26, 2024) is poised to make its mark once again, returning to the esteemed grounds of IIT Madras for the third time. This historical rendezvous marks a deep-rooted relationship between the institution and SPIC MACAY, dating back to the late 80s. With each iteration, the convention has burgeoned in size and significance, reflecting the growing resonance of Indian cultural heritage.

IIT Madras, nestled in the heart of Chennai, offers a sprawling, lush green campus that embodies serenity amidst urban chaos, akin to a verdant sanctuary. IITM's commitment to cultural enrichment is evident through initiatives like the Cultural Studies course, which acquaints students with diverse tapestry of Indian traditions. IITM also regularly organises cultural programs in its campus.

The upcoming convention promises to be a grand affair, building upon the legacies of its past. In 1996 when IIT Madras hosted the 11th edition of our National Convention (as it was then called), just 500 volunteers particiapted. By 2014, IITM was welcoming around 1200 participants to our 2nd International Convention, including many from across the SAARC region. Each milestone underscores the enduring spirit of cultural celebration.

With the campus pulsating with enthusiasm, this reunion is set to elevate the appreciation of India's rich artistic legacy to greater heights. Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, also expressed his happiness that IITM remains a part of the 'cultural revolution' that SPIC MACAY has been leading for the last 47 years. He has extended his full support to the convention.

We have also recieved support from other well wishers. The 9th International Convention is being supported by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a big way and we are ever grateful to them for the same.

The Convention is SPIC MACAY’s flagship event that is held every year at a reputed educational institution of the county. It is a week - long festival of Indian culture where students and volunteers gather from across India and the world.

The schedule of the convention is such that a person is kept completely isolated from the world and gets an outlook on Indian culture, heritage and ethics as they interact with the greatest artists at close quarters. Activities in the convention range from classical music & dance concerts, folk performances, crafts workshops, cinema screenings, heritage walk, shramdaan, early morning yoga (4 am) and eating holistic food. The idea of organizing the convention is to contrive a unique ashram-like atmosphere to leave a deep impact on the new generation.

This also resonates with SPIC MACAY’s core purpose - "Have every child experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in Indian and World heritage." The vision is to reach every child by 2030. This year too the Convention will feature some of the finest artists from all over the country and has a packed schedule.