Program Guidelines

Guidelines and rules are vital for any large convention or meeting so that one can uphold decorum, dignity and discipline. It becomes all the more necessary to follow guidelines at a SPIC MACAY convention so that we can ensure respectful representation of our arts and culture.

At the convention we endeavor to establish an ashram-like environment, wherein the profound experience of engaging with esteemed musicians and artisans, and adhering to a structured schedule, is facilitated through the adoption of these recommended practices. Practices such as room sharing, shramdaan, campus cleaning, and discipline maintenance contribute to this objective.

  • What to bring?
    Participants are required to bring only essential items for their stay. These include a bed sheet, one pillow and pillow cover, as well as a thick bed sheet or light blanket suitable for prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, a yoga mat or a thick bed sheet should be brought for yoga practice, along with loose-fitting clothes suitable for such activities. For the entire duration of the week, participants would be required to wear comfortable Indian traditional attire only, avoiding tight jeans or other such fancy clothes.

    On the inaugural day, a set of school uniform is mandatory for school students. Moreover, participants are encouraged to bring traditional attire representing their region to be worn on a designated day.
  • What must not be brought?
    During the event, attendees are advised against bringing electric gadgets such as iPods, iPads, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, or expensive jewelry. Similarly, privately brought food, alcohol, drugs and tobacco are strictly not permitted. Moreover, attendees are discouraged from leaving and re-entering the event venue, as well as from going out to meet friends and relatives or inviting them to visit during the Convention. Participants MUST not bring mobile phones or any electronic gadgets to the venue.
  • Rules to adhere to
    Participants, including both students and teachers, are expected to attend all scheduled events throughout the duration of the Convention. Each individual is required to participate in the same intensive workshop every day, for the entirety of the five-day period. Additionally, attendees are urged to ensure the efficient use of resources by minimizing wastage of electricity, water, and food.
  • Instructions for teachers from participating institution:
    It is essential to collect the names and contact details of every student's parents, for communication purposes. A medical kit and a sewing kit should also be brought along to cater to any unforeseen needs during the Convention.

    The picture collage that a school brings with it, which represents an art form and its corresponding artist from the convention schedule, will be displayed during the convention and the most outstanding one will be selected for upload on SPIC MACAY's website.